6 years after I started this blog, in May of 2010, I find myself here yet again. It’s funny how life comes full-circle, isn’t it?  There’s nothing quite so cringeworthy as revisiting your old college self – the True Love Forever of long-distance romances and the Taylor Swift lyrics that, like, just get me.  Yikes. … Continue reading 8.30.2016

I was having coffee yesterday afternoon with Heather, where we ran into Mitika and Amanda at Walker’s.  Mitika came over to say hello and invite me to Terrapin this weekend, and I explained that I’ll be in Florida for Sun n’ Fun (more on that in a minute).  Her immediate response was to ask, “Do … Continue reading


I promise I will blog about our incredible trip to Colorado – and soon.  I’ve been overwhelmed with schoolwork and nostalgia as Dave goes back to Africa for six weeks, so I haven’t been able to sit down and conquer the memories just yet.  Until then, I have an incredible treat I want to share … Continue reading allons!

I’m currently on a Delta 757-200 out of Reagan, hurtling my way towards home from the comfort of my first class seat.  I’ve got my ipod, a banana, and some ginger ale, and life is good.  Oh, but I’m also on my laptop, writing this post while facebook chatting.  To someone in Africa.  Technology completely … Continue reading

I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon at the airport, picking up a friend who’s flown into Atlanta for a few days and was spending the evening in Athens.  Oddly, I always jump at the opportunity to shuttle people back and forth to Hartsfield.  While the ugly Atlanta traffic and boring hour-and-a-half drive aren’t that … Continue reading