virginia beach

I wasn’t sure where to post this, on wordpress or on my tumblr.  My tumblr is more personal and usually reserved for “deeper” thoughts like these, but I feel like this particular post is more fitted for a blog about travel and movement and exploration of the world and everything in it.  Plus, my current … Continue reading virginia beach


Oh, hello.  How are you?  Actually, who are you?  In fact, who am I??  Wait…..what’s that you say?  I am Peggy, and this is my blog that I was supposed to be updating frequently with my travel adventures?  Oh.  Are you sure?  And I haven’t updated in almost a month?  Well….that’s no good.  I guess … Continue reading home.

Oh heyyyyy there.

Whew.  Um, sorry about the 3-week-long siesta I just took from blogging.  After everything went belly-up in London, I wasn’t quite feeling the whole “update everyone on every second of my life” thing, and so I conveniently forgot about my blog for a bit.  Also, about 3 days after I got back, I was hit … Continue reading Oh heyyyyy there.

Images of Australia: an exhibit by William C. Partin

There’s nothing that makes a girl feel better quite like her best friend and his multiple alter-egos.  Thus, I happily present you with the various Aussie-related words of wisdom that Will has bestowed upon me over the last few days.  Plus, kiwi-bashing is my favorite sport.  Enjoy! “In America, only the successful writer is important, … Continue reading Images of Australia: an exhibit by William C. Partin


Today’s title has a number of different meanings.  For one, the last 24 hours could not have been more perfect if I planned them (which I didn’t).  It also refers to my favorite TV show, of which I have been deprived over the last two weeks, and the reason why I probably deleted you from … Continue reading 24.